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Welcome Guests with a Cozy Firepit at Your Orlando, FL Home

Entertaining with fire is a millennia-old tradition. The Romans and Greeks used to line the walkways of their homes with bronze braziers to greet guests upon their arrival. The flickering flames and soft, warm glow were meant to make guests feel welcome and cozy in the host’s home. Fire still has this effect on people today. It’s why so many people spend chilly evenings in front of fireplaces or around outdoor firepits. The added warmth and comforting ambiance created by fire is something everyone loves. At Patio Style, we can help you bring this feeling to your patio with our selection of firepits and tables in Orlando, FL. Stop by and see us today and find the perfect option to upgrade your patio space into an inviting space for guests to enjoy.

Fire Pits and Fire Tables

Fire pits have come a long way over the years. What started as a simple metal wood burning bowl out in the yard is now a fully finished piece of furniture.

Patio Style offers firepits and fire tables in different heights (coffee table height, chat, dining, counter, and bar height), allowing you to incorporate a fire feature into almost any seating arrangement. They also come in different materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE), marine-grade polymer (MGP), aluminum, resin, etc.

With the push of a button, your space transforms into a warm, cozy, and inviting space where your family and your guests can gather.

fireplace with tv


Fireplaces are another great way to incorporate a fire feature into your patio design. They can be built into all shapes and sizes, and can be ventilated, vent-free*, or even electric! They can go under a roof, out in the open. They can also be used to create a wall space to enclose your lanai or create a partition or a division.

Patio Style offers a wide range of materials to choose from to build your fireplace, as well as several types of veneer and finishes. For example: stone, stucco, brick, precast, tile, etc., or even a combination of these materials to suit your style.

*The option of a ventilated or vent-free fireplace will depend on the location of the fireplace, and the rules and regulations of each county.

We Offer Complete Design Services